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Collages.net's collection of albums for photographers provides a variety of options so you can create the perfect product for every client. No matter which life stage you are documenting — maternity, baby, family, senior, wedding, anniversary, and everything in between — Collages.net's professional flush mount albums will provide your clients with a lifetime of memories.

Turnaround Time: As quick as 2 business days + shipping

  • 30% discount on studio sample albums
  • More than 40 cover options
  • Excellent lay flat properties and smallest page seam in the industry
  • Available in handcrafted leather cover, photographic, or metal covers
  • Square, vertical, and horizontal album sizes
  • Customizable options, including cameo covers, embossing options, and spine hubs
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Multiple Cover Choices

If you're looking for professional wedding albums, you've come to the right place. Your brides aren't all wearing the same dress so they can't all have the same flush mount wedding albums! Check out Collages.net's album cover selections to find the perfect match for every client.
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Lay Flat Pages

What differentiates a professional album from an amateur album? Open the album to find out. (Hint: You should be looking at the images, not trying to push the pages down.)
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Every Size You Want

Don't let size limit your vision for your client's album. From 5x5 to 11x14, Collages.net has every size album you want. Square, vertical, or horizontal...we have it all!
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Design Solutions

The digital photography revolution has completely changed the album product line, too. Collages.net gives you two great options for designing your flush mount albums.
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“ Collages.net's print-and-bind flush mount wedding albums are beautifully bound and so easy to order. It just made sense to switch album providers and have my entire product offering streamlined through one reliable source: Collages.net. ”
Pete and Liliana Wright
PW Photography
“ Collages.net albums have superior print quality, the ordering process is effortless, and the customer service is above exceptional. The feedback from my studios' clients is phenomenal! With an abundance of attractive and vibrant leather color choices available for covers, my clients always find the perfect fit for their album. As the owner of three busy studios, I'd like to thank Collages.net Albums for taking yet another product to the next level. ”
Julie Madison
Artistic Imaging
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Album Cover Choices

Go ahead and judge

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but Collages.net Albums break this rule!

Leather or photo, shiny or matte, super modern or timelessly classic — we have the covers your clients want. The quality of materials and detail of the craftsmanship are evident from first glance at Collages.net's professional wedding albums. While we create leather albums for photographers, our photographic and metal covers are widely popular too! For full details on all the cover options, log in to your studio's Admin Area or sign up for a free account today.

More Than 40 Color Choices

  • Navy
  • Midnight Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Forest Green
  • Tan
  • Orange
  • Orange Glam
  • Deep Orange
  • Plum
  • Saddle Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Cowboy Red
  • Deep Cherry
  • Red
  • Rose
  • Magenta
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Onyx
  • Ivory
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Brown Glam
  • Camel

And 7 Cover Types

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Lay Flat Pages

Flat is kind of a big deal

The Collages.net Album team prides itself on creating unique, custom flush mount albums for photographers. But, there are a couple of things we keep consistent. Every album lies completely flat. We're not talking about kind of flat or just a few spreads lay flat: we're talking about absolutely flat, spread after spread.

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Size Selections

Every size you need

With Collages.net's vast size selection, you don't have to limit your design vision. With matching aspect ratios, you can create a large main album and then easily have companions produced in smaller sizes. Multiple size options also give you flexibility when a client has budget constraints. Offer a smaller, less expensive album, instead of losing the album sale.

  1. 4 x 5
  2. 4 x 6
  3. 5 x 5
  4. 5.5 x 7
  5. 6 x 9
  1. 8 x 8
  2. 7 x 10
  3. 8 x 10
  4. 8 x 12
  5. 10 x 10
  1. 10 x 15
  2. 11 x 14
  3. 12 x 12
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Album Design Solutions

Album Design Stress is So Last Season

Do you hesitate to push album sales because of the all the work involved in design? Collages.net takes the stress out of album design by offering two design workflow solutions. Create flush mount wedding albums through our free album design software and quickly design layouts in studio, or you can trust our talented team of designers with your design work. Either way, you deliver your clients beautiful album designs quickly. Of course, if you have a design workflow that is already working, you can continue with that system, and upload pre-designed spreads through the album ordering system.

Learn more about our Custom Design Services and Free Album Design Software.

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