offers an elegant, yet reasonably priced album and book design service for professional photographers. Each custom design is unique; no templates are used in creating designs.'s design team is dedicated to providing a personalized design that is tailored to your client's individual style. From modern and elegant to classic and timeless,'s custom designs are as unique as your clients.

Turnaround Time: 10 business days, 12 business days if color correction is requested

  • Simple online ordering via our album + book + design ordering system
  • Customized designs created to match your studio's unique style
  • Online collaboration and proofing to communicate revisions between you and your client
  • Color correction and retouching of images is available
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Expand Your Resources

Send your next design and see the benefits of outsourcing.
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Completely Customizable

Choose from three levels of design and three corresponding price points.
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The Design Professional Difference

See the difference a professional design team makes. No templates or cookie-cutter designs. A full suite of image options, including color correction and retouching.
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Automated Feedback Tracker

Eliminate time-wasting back and forth with clients by using our automated design collaboration tool.
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“In years past, I did all of my own design work and although I love doing it, it takes so much time. The Design Team far exceeded my expectations! I love that I can tell my clients that I work with a design team to create their albums. I also love that I can make up to ten changes to my albums once they are designed at no additional cost. Wow – that's not standard in the industry! I'm even using to design my portrait session albums and my customers love them. The designs are current, trendy, and clean and continue to make me look good. Thank you times a million for allowing me to spend more time with my family and keeping me from being stuck at my computer for hours at night!”
Carrie Workman
Carrie Workman Photography
“The album design not only makes my job easier but also gives me peace of mind knowing that professionals will do beautiful work. My brides are used to a high standard when it comes to their albums, and delivers every time. They are quick, fun, and wonderful to work with. I'm happy to know that they always are there to help. I'm absolutely supported.”
Dee Jones
Cocoriah Photo
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Expand Your Resources

Outsourcing Makes Cents

Outsource your design and save time! By spending more time on revenue-generating activities like shooting, marketing your studio, and meeting with potential clients, you'll quickly see why taking design off your to-do list is a business savvy move.

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Completely Customizable

Let Your Style Shine Through offers three levels of design to match your studio's style and clients' preferences.

Level 1 Sample

Level 1

This style reflects a taste that is timeless and classic. The look of the design is similar to a matted album with solid color black or white pages with the focus on the image itself. This traditional look fits the style of today's bride who appreciates tradition and sentiment.
View Level 1 Sample

Level 2 Sample

Level 2

This style reflects a taste that is modern and elegantly simple. The look of the design places the focus on the images. Brides, seniors, and parents who like a minimalist yet beautiful look will love this style.
View Level 2 Sample

Level 3 Sample

Level 3

This style reflects a taste that appreciates the combination of clean layouts with an artistic flair. This style gives the album designer the freedom to accentuate the overall look of the event through design elements.
View Level 3 Sample

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The Design Professional Difference

Hand-picked Designers

Your work is your reputation. Here at, we understand how much of "you" goes into everything you do. That's why we hire the best and brightest designers and production assistants. These professionals not only demonstrate a high level of skill, but they're also adept at bringing out your unique style in each design. The resulting products show your studio in the best light while keeping your trademark style consistent and recognizable.

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Automated Feedback Tracker

Your Inbox and Voicemail Will Thank You

Perfectly lovely clients turned into monsters who want hundreds of changes and want to talk each one out? Yep, we've heard a few of these stories. Keep your clients lovely and maintain great relationships by giving your clients an easy, automated way to share feedback on designs. Contact one of our product consultants today for a five-minute demo on how easy our system is for you and your clients by calling (877) 638-7468.

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