collagesColor, our Professional color lab, combines the latest technology and a team of color experts who have decades of printing experience to deliver superior results. Our systems optimize every aspect of the production process to deliver your products quickly. We've also invested over $10 million in the best silver halide and press printers available. Finally, we exclusively use Fuji professional photographic paper. Producing great prints quickly and beautifully is our passion.

Turnaround Time: 1-2 business days + shipping

  • Professional color lab with over 450 print products and options
  • Retouching and color correction available
  • Advanced lab services including mounts, textures, and other finishes
  • Order via collagesColor + ROES
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Over 450 different products. Low pricing. See why collagesColor should be your lab partner.
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Lab Services

Professional photographers demand more than just basic prints. collagesColor offers lab services for every print product need.
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Minimal clean up or extensive reworking —'s professional retouching team says: “Bring it on!”
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Free Sample Prints

See the superior quality for yourself! Order sample prints and witness how great your images look.
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“It's all about trust. My clients hire me based totally on trust, and I feel the same way about collagesColor. Their work is so consistent that I have orders drop shipped to my clients – that's free with collagesColor. It makes everything just that much easier.”
Tyler Schmitt
Schmitt Photography
“The thing I love most about collagesColor prints is that they take the guesswork out of the print process. I know that my automated orders from will arrive to my clients very quickly, be packaged neatly, and most importantly, LOOK AMAZING! I also love the fact that for my wedding galleries, I can choose to retouch any images ordered first, and then order through the collagesColor + ROES system. There's really nothing I can't do with their system and it makes my life so much easier!”
Kristen Mallory
Stella Shot Me
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Color That Will Wow You. Prices That Will Shock You

With hundreds of sizes and tons of options, collagesColor is the lab that professional photographers trust with all their printing needs.

What makes collagesColor different from other professional color labs? We believe that our customers deserve the highest level of service and value in every aspect of a lab order. We deliver consistent, rich color every day. Our team works two to three shifts per business day to ensure that orders are delivered quickly. Finally, every print product is priced well below market average. Sound to good to be true? Try us, and we'll show you that you can have it all.

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Lab Services

The Professional Difference

In today's digital photography world, the competition continues to intensify and consumer access to digital print products continues to increase. What can you do to ensure that your business is sustainable? Educate your customers. Show them the professional photography difference by displaying a series of prints with different mounts, textures, and finishes. Demonstrate how collagesColor's technicians can color correct images to achieve beautiful color with pleasing flesh tones.

  • Finishes

    collagesColor's professional finishes — matte, semi-lustre, diamond gloss, texture — give your prints a unique look and add another layer of protection.

  • Textures

    collagesColor's professional textures — linen, pebble, and brush stroke — change the surface of your prints. Add a texture to a print for an artistic touch or copyright protection.

  • Mounts

    collagesColor's professional mounts — standout, dry, styrene, gator foam, masonite, and magnetic back — give photographers several choices for increasing the durability of prints.

  • Color Correction

    Color correction done by trained professionals will set your images apart. collagesColor's team of color experts evaluate every image and make adjustments for accurate color and pleasing skin tones.

  • Retouching

    Whether you need basic image clean up or extensive digital artwork, collagesColor's retouching team can fulfill any retouching request.

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Photographer by Day, Magician by Night

Life happens. Sometimes it needs a little tweaking. When your clients ask for image enhancements or corrections, you can be confident that you can make it happen.

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FREE Sample Prints

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” It Would Be Our Pleasure.

The collagesColor team is confident that we can exceed your expectations. Let us WOW you.

If you haven't ordered sample prints yet, get started today by downloading collagesColor + ROES and order your free test prints in the Test Prints catalog!

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